“If I told you you were dying of Lymphoma would you take 2 hrs a day for chemotherapy? (Yes.) You’ve got something worse than a lot of the types of lymphoma in terms of what this is doing to your expected longevity.”

Dr. Huizenga speaking on obesity, The Biggest Loser

About 360 ::

Real beauty (healthy skin, healthy hair, energy and fitness levels) starts from the inside with the determination to make yourself better. It encompasses the idea of being WELL 360 degrees: body, mind and spirit.

Wellness 360 is a support tool of a “family” of people you can TRUST to move toward a healthier being. We host challenges, we encourage each other and we work hard while achieving our goals and having some fun along the way. With careful guidance, we figure out YOUR PLAN and WORK IT!

Complete wellness can only be obtained by discipline and HARD “WERK,” so 360’ers take oath to only invite serious comrades. We’d rather have 25 members who are really serious, active and vocal in the community than 100 quiet, contemplating ones.

Anyone still in contemplation stage of her wellness journey, who is not sure where to begin or could use motivation to move in the right direction is welcome to message Sina to learn more.

About Our Founder::

About Sina Scuefield

As a fitness and sports enthusiast for more than 20 years, Sina Scuefield has always had a passion for health and wellness. During that time-span she has developed as a dual-athlete in basketball and track & field, certified trainer/instructor, CPR coach, motivational speaker, job coach, educator, and professional football watcher!

In March 2011, Sina created Wellness 360! What then started as a simple support group for Dr. Ian’s Fat Smash Detox has since developed into a Facebook community dedicated to empowering others to get healthy, build accountability, find a workout partner and participate in a healthy camaraderie via group workouts, weekly challenges and daily friendly banter. Wellness 360, LLC now exists to bring health and wellness to the forefront with community outreach as its main focus, via social networking, seminars, group workouts, and personal training.